Transmigrated As Cannon Fodder To Marry Chapter 57 Part 4


Immediately after Jiang Lin finished speaking, someone echoed, "That's right, I've had enough of that old thing in my house. I have been with him for so many years, and he even yelled at me for a concubine, and wanted that fox’s son to intervene in the housekeeper's affairs. Hmph, since he is so capable, then I don't care about this family, I'll see what kind of tricks this fox’s son can make."

    Jiang Lin actively suggested, "Madam, don't worry, I will get your husband to apologize to you within seven days. If it doesn't work, you can go to the Wei mansion and trouble me."


The madam grabbed Jiang Lin's hand affectionately, and opened her mouth, "Sister Jiang, ah, no, it's the younger brother of the Jiang family, I know the score."

[心里有数 xīn lǐ yǒu shù: to know the score (idiom); to be well aware of the situation]

    Sister Jiang: ...

    He didn't expect that his gender would be blurred so quickly, it was really disappointing.

    From Jiang Lin's point of view, this snow banquet was quite successful. He used his intelligence and diplomatic skills to make friends with most of the wives present, and successfully pulled them into the group chat of the love battle defense.

    The first one who chose to quit her responsibilities was the wife of Mr. Zhang, the imperial censor. After she returned home, she had a big fight with Mr. Zhang, and gave up the housekeeping rights to Mr. Zhang's favorite concubine, and went back to her mother's house by herself.

    Mr. Zhang had no sense of crisis at all, he felt that the tigress had returned to his mother's house, and he was happy and at ease.

    But the next day, he found that his colleagues looked at him the wrong way. After returning to the mansion, his beloved concubine came to complain, saying that she couldn’t command the servants in the mansion. Mr. Zhang warned the servants in the mansion severely in order to coax the beloved concubine.

    Then he went to the court the next day and found that his colleagues looked at him even more than yesterday. Many people walked over to look at him, but they hesitated to speak. It made Mr. Zhang flustered, and he always felt that he had committed a crime.

    He found a colleague with the best relationship with him to ask, the other party looked at him, and then said earnestly, "Lao Zhang, you are the imperial censor, you should pay more attention to your words and deeds, it’s not good to go too far in everything."

    Mr. Zhang was in a daze, “No, what did I do, you should tell me.”


The other party said, "Hurry up and bring your wife back. Now most of the civil and military people in the court know that you dote on your concubine and destroy your wife. I'm afraid someone already wrote Shen Ta about you."

[ shēn tā: A memorial, the minister wrote a memorial to the emperor to impeach other courtiers.]


Mr. Zhang was stunned, confused, and wondering why this matter came to this point.

    The colleague patted him on the shoulder, "No matter what the concubine is, she won't be able to get on the stage after all. To cause this kind of trouble with your wife because of a concubine means you don’t know the general situation."


 The colleague left, and Mr. Zhang returned to the mansion with a face full of disbelief. It happened that the concubine came to bother him about the house matter again, so Mr. Zhang became angry.

    She angrily reprimanded the concubine, withdrew the right as the housekeeper, and then hurried to pick up his wife at his wife's natal home.

    But he didn't expect his wife to be really angry this time. His father-in-law and mother-in-law taunted him a lot, but he could only hold back. He had never felt aggrieved like this before, but he didn't know that his wife was watching from behind, and her heart was full of joy.

    The man couldn’t take his wife back, because the father-in-law and mother-in-law said that they married their daughter to him was not for him to abuse her as he pleased. Mr. Zhang returned home frustratedly, he felt even more angry and resentful towards the concubine.

    The emperor also received Shen Ta about him, and he was severely reprimanded by Emperor Changde, and Mr. Zhang began to feel that everything was not going well.

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